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In loving memory of Kenzie (2004-2017).


We love our fur-babies



A member of Casa Lin since July 2014, Calvin is a basset-beagle mix who loves to eat, drool, howl, and snuggle. He has the dogged determination required to succeed in research, but he has decided to direct that trait towards his eternal quest for bacon and unlimited ear scratches.



Penelope is an incredibly smart and sweet blue-tick beagle who was rescued in 2018 after an unexpected pregnancy landed her in the streets. She joined Casa Lin in February 2018 and likes to read scientific papers with Jennie on the couch, preferably while snacking on treats.


Toby and tiger

Toby (Oreo pattern) and Tiger (black) are the good doggos of House Radmanesh. Although their dad teaches them commands and command line code, they wisely prefer focusing on obtaining belly rubs.

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cookie monster, ernie, and telly

“We can haz cheez???” These are the rodent friends of House Dadi. Cookie Monster and Ernie enjoy hanging out in their hammocks, while Telly takes on the challenge of being an escape artist (in pursuit of cheese, of course).